I did not know I lived in a home like this!

Last week it was my dad who “didn’t have a problem with gays, unless they hit on him”.

And now, I told my mom about the Good luck Charlie thing with the two moms and she was like;

Mom: It’s crazy, we’re in…

I know exactly how you feel. I was completely taken aback to hear some of my parents’ views about homosexuality and gay rights. Especially my dad, who is usually quiet and kind.

It actually made me sick to my
stomach to know that these are the people who raised and loved me; they are the ones whom I depended on and grew up with; most of all, they were people I thought I “knew.” Yet if my siblings or I were gay, chances are we wouldn’t be treated as we are now.

It is legitimately unsettling and saddening. Their words still burn in my mind.