My dog won’t enter my room unless I invite him in.





This could mean one of two things:

  1. He’s really polite.
  2. He’s a vampire.

I guess that makes him a …….bloodhound

Bahahahah. I howled with laughter.

or he is just a dog from Canada. #overlyPolite 

By golly, what the dickens are you talking about? (If you don’t mind me asking, and if you do mind, my sincerest apologies.)

Canadians are just as impolite as anyone, you meanie pants. #makelikeusherandletitburn

…I’m so sorry. 


How to read a George Orwell book:

1. Open book

2. Read book

3. Close book

4. Stare off in to spare for at least 4 consecutive hours questioning politics, media, authority figures and humanity as a whole until your entire perspective of social structure comes crumbling down around you and you wander about reality suddenly aware of your insignificance, ignorance and cattle-like demeanour