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I saw this picture on Pinterest and it totally reminded me of an episode fromĀ How I Met Your Mother.

Marshall wants to give up his stale dream of working as an environmental lawyer; Lily is upset, because it was a good-paying job and it was what he always wanted since his college days.

So then Marshall pulls out this card: well, you used to spell “Womyn” with a “Y” in your college days, before we got married.

AKA: you gave up silly phases of your life (feminism — phew, good thing it was just a phase!!) once you got married.

Wait, what?

I’m paraphrasing the incident, but if I’m not mistaken, I’m pretty sure it was said with that sentiment.

(The episode is called “Natural History” if anyone’s interested)

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  1. bangaroobill said: I think the point in the HIMYM episode was more that people change over time and its only natural. Marshall was wanting to give up his dream of being a low pay environmental lawyer to keep the high pay corporate position
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